Integrated Data Intelligence Platform

Help users expedite the information discovery process

Capabilities & Perspectives

Built For Big Data

Work with any kind of data source be it Hadoop, NoSQL or SQLs. Correlate behaviour and actions across multiple domains of big data, such as clickstreams, mobile apps, social networks, sensors, and traditional databases

Blend Internal & External Data

Access and join data across disparate data sources for meaningful analysis and hidden insights. The ability to query and use data across multiple systems without the physical reconciliation or movement of source data.

Smart Data Preparation

User can perform data preparation using a visual data preparation interface instead of writing complex SQLs or ETL. Our Point and click interface can be used to cleanse, parse and transform raw data before analysis

Prepackaged Analytical Apps

These are prepackaged sets of cookbooks which will perform everything from data ingestion, parsing, preparation, generation of analysis and dashboard which user can start using in 5 mins


Reduction in Time
Reduction in efforts
Simpler than existing processes

Smartest way to connect, analyze and visualize your big data
Quickly • Easily • Efficiently

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